Just think about this is like your golf swing and then bring that to meeting and sort of post-op meeting where you sit down and get a little feedback. We’ve got to stop filling out the question. [00:56:47] Brad Johnson: Yeah. In this case, I can think of plenty of cases where it wasn’t – that had nothing to do with more or less emotional and not all the standard garbage that we used to think. [00:18:50] Carl Richards: My wife and I are going out of town or something for the first time with the kids. [00:07:55] Carl Richards: Yeah. Please keep pushing. What are you trying to solve here?” And it’s just this blank pause and it’s because they never actually got to the core of what they were trying to do with that money. We came here for you to understand our situation well enough to tell us what to do.”. So, that’s again not as zealot about the question but that’s what we’re trying to get to is to say, so I can look Julie in the eyes and say, “Julie, would it be okay if everything we did together was sort of through that lens of giving you the flexibility, the freedom, the flexibility, the time to have the time to ultimately have a family? I think she said freedom. Thanks for listening in and I will catch you on the next show. And she was like, “Of course, I know we can’t afford another one. Which was the more verbally dominant? We’re just going to use the word it’s okay, I just like use the word “goal”. The client or the prospect they don’t care about your solutions. Also, for those of you all listening in that aren’t aware of the incredible #fintwit community out on Twitter, there are some absolutely incredible minds freely sharing their work you should be diving into conversations with… too many to name, but some of my favorite follows include @danielcrosby, @iancassel, @jposhaughnessy, @patrick_oshag, @DefineFinancial, @jus10castelli, @AlexChalekian, @TR401, @ReformedBroker, @MichaelKitces, @jfc_3_. So, that’s where I started. One such "lunch date"-New York Times columnist Ron Lieber-took an immediate liking to Richards' tweets and blog, and asked him to be a guest expert on the papers "Bucks" blog, answering readers' questions for one week. That vulnerability is in the fact they’re going to look at you like you’re crazy and that’s the sign. I just hope there’s no revolt like I’m still waiting for like the sheep to knock on the door like, “Hey, man. The first thing you need to understand is why like the tactical stuff it should be obvious like I had no art skills. I know them and their impact on people's lives are enormous," he says. This was Courtney Poland of the story. What do you think?” And so, we did this kind of impromptu interview that I think was on your Skype account and it was like 30 minutes you’re the nicest ever because it was the absolute worst interview ever. We’re just enjoying ourselves. I just hope there’s no revolt like I’m still waiting for like the sheep to knock on the door like, “Hey, man. So, Bill’s question Simon Sinek so what happened to me is Bill’s question, “What’s important about money?” bashed up against Simon Sinek’s work. I love reading each and every one and it helps make the show better know how I can better resonate with my listeners out there. Carl has also been featured on Marketplace Money, Oprah.com, and Forbes.com. How do you zoom out and to go back simplify the complex if you don’t have the artistic skills that you do as an advisor? It was just a really interesting exploration of a woman who bought a ranch that she couldn’t afford in Creed, Colorado and the hardship of something you care deeply about in the world so that was an amazing book. One is that that we think complexity shows how smart we are. “Oh my gosh, there’s something wrong. And be sort of aware too that they don’t even like the word, plan, like humans don’t like the word plan, mainly because, oh geez, there’s so much we can say here. I mean, like well this is a dumb question. I love that Michael Hyatt saying. Either way, what would be wrong to treat them like a human and ask these questions? It turns out people travel. [47:12] Strategies you can start implementing today to get present, be engaged, and provide better service both before and after your next meeting. The answer is always been yes. Sometimes you just get in like one, two, three like you’re just building Lego blocks over and over and you’re not realizing each individual comes in with these fears and concerns. Let me know you listen to the show, how you found it, who I should have… etc. [00:29:07] Carl Richards: They’re scared to death. So, Bill Bachrach teaches a lesson and Bill is still around doing amazing work. What did you leave with?” I was like, “Well, I left with my daughter like that was cool.” He’s like, “No.” “But I also left with a piece of paper with some scribbles on it that I couldn’t even read.” He’s like, “What did you do with it?” So, I went to another place and I gave it to them, a bunch of scary people in white coats and they made me sign a document that said like if she grew a third arm within that. So, you’re recalling that. Oh, you don’t like blue? So, there’s two ways I see this happening. As always, thanks for listening in, and without further delay, my conversation with Carl Richards. Do you find people more present and more aware in New Zealand or is it the same bustle that you find in the US as well? That seems right. There’s a bunch that goes into it. I have to tell you like this is my first attempt to I always try to hijack people’s podcasts right from the beginning. He reviews the questionnaire in front of us. So, I think you learn like so anyway I think having people’s spouses there I think understanding that once spouse may appear disinterested, how could they be disinterested? Well, I appreciate it, man. Of course, that’s scary. There’s a difference between, anyway, super, super good stuff. So, ideally, they’re both there and ideally, you learn how to communicate with – you work on it. So, for clients, people want to argue about the solutions, and they missed the fact that we understood the problem in the first place. One way he's spreading the word is through his Secret Society of Real Financial Planners. [00:53:04] Carl Richards: See, it turns out that we work in a complex adaptive system and complex means you do, A, it goes through this big thing and you don’t know what’s going to come out. I just go back. So, the difference isn’t that the fear goes away. Her actual name is Julie. Understanding that we’re subject to the forces of behavioral finance and how to work with those forces to clients’ advantage can greatly enhance the advisor-client relationship. I don’t know very many things that are more human than this unfortunate just the world we live in but this unfortunate relationship we have with money and then I think there’s the post. [00:59:40] Brad Johnson: Yes. It becomes an ongoing process, so I like to think in 90-day segments like here’s what we’re going to work on for the next 90 days and the other analogy I use quickly is pilots. That’s true. But seeing the other side it’s interesting too. Today I’m excited to bring this conversation to you as I’m not sure we’ve ever done a deeper dive into the structure of a proper appointment process on this show and the psychology of why your prospects make the decision to either work with you or someone else. Also, glad to hear you’re finding the show is not only informational but also entertaining, I’ll do my best to keep delivering on that front! It’s amazing. So, if you can get to the heart of their problems, spend your time on understanding their problems, the solution, the prescription is easy. It gives us a tool to engage with reality, but it doesn’t change reality. Coming from you, a guy that’s been in this industry and then a thought leader in the space for a long time, I appreciate that. I said, “Okay. This conversation definitely lived up to my expectations. So, let me just I think a couple things, mainly because I think we’re coming to a growing realization this is happening in other industries a lot faster than it’s happening in ours where people are coming this growing realization that plans are worthless without the ongoing process of planning. I’m more just like if I were starting my firm again, I would spend the bulk of my time getting really good at that first meeting and I would find questions that work for me. But now I’ve taken a lot from those guys, learned a lot from those guys so definitely some great follows out on Twitter. It’s typically female that seems less interested. Clients do not care. That’s what all that’s about. I’ve gained more knowledge on that topic here than anywhere else. I was reading Sinek’s where I’m like, “Wow. It would be fun. The difference is that you do it anyway. I’m not saying that at all, but I am saying it’s certainly fascinating to see other parts of the world and we learned so much from here, Australia, and Southeast Asia. It’s just not true. They care about their problems like what am I trying to solve for? Tell me a little bit more, Julie, about freedom.” And my goal in these first meetings was someone was going to cry, and it wasn’t going to be me. Post would be really engaged in the process of feedback whether you have a coach or your assistant or a group of advisors in the office, I would create a ritual around feedback. But what you see, you see that happen in financial services all the time where the guy talks to the guy and I think that’s one of the key elements female advisors when you look at when I started out, it was like one out of 100 maybe was a female advisor. It was so bad. And how could I help Julie without it, right? I think naturally, they want to just dive in like an engineer and start plan with all the different financial tools and explaining those and your book does a great job, The One-Page Financial Plan. As always, all the additional show notes, books mentioned, people discussed as well as a full transcript of the entire show can be found at BradleyJohnson.com/61 as well. Let me know if you listen to the show, how you found it, what guests I should have on, etcetera. All right. Due to crazy high shipping prices, it just doesn’t make sense to spend $20 to $40 to ship you a $10 book so please accept my apology and just go support Carl and grab a copy at your local bookstore or out on Amazon. If you’re liking the podcast, you can help support the show by leaving your rating and review on iTunes. You go to meet with a brain surgeon and they spend the first 20 minutes talking about how sharp the scalpels are and where they went to medical school and 689 people and only two have died, like, our nurses are the best, we clean our instruments like what would you would say? She just wrote a book called Deep Creek which was the last book I can remember that was over an inch thick that I finished. [01:10:48] Brad Johnson: Thanks for listening to this episode of the Elite Advisor Blueprint. We’ll have to go through these pretty quick. Carl Richards is a Certified Financial Planner™ and creator of the Sketch Guy column, appearing weekly … And before you go, I’ve got a quick favor to ask. And so, did that, anyway, clients says, “Can I take that home to my spouse?” and when I saw the piece of paper leave like physically like leave, I was like, “Huh, that’s interesting.” And then another every month or two of those buy-ins, somebody calls and say, “Hey, that thing you drew on the whiteboard while we’re in there, could you just scan it real quick and send it to me? “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the cat. So, we’re getting towards the end here and I’ve got to ask you a few philosophical questions which hopefully we can get to. They’re like, “Hey, help me understand this a bit.” This kills me. So, we’re filling out the questionnaire. This has become an absolute must-listen whenever a new episode is available.” Thanks so much for the kind words and the review. This is a second career for me and this show is like a Masters class for financial planning and advice. You’ve done something to earn that position. Just simply saying, “Oh, that’s interesting. "The way to do this is to start saying stuff you're passionate about and people will listen.". And Bill I learned it from Bill from his book and then I also learned it from John Bowen and John Bowen is the one that taught me the word, The Discovery Meeting, and I know attorneys have been using that forever. What was that experience worth? So, tell me what happened. What people really want to hear is that we just forget and it’s so easy to forget like I do it all the time. They care about their problems like what am I trying to solve for? So, one of my friends, Michael Hyatt, he basically says, “Fail when no one is watching,” and that’s what you got to do. Now, that is massively growing. We got this thing. [00:49:43] Carl Richards: Did they go well? It’s part of the process and you’re going to be okay. Please keep finding the edge. [00:30:30] Carl Richards: So, what’s happening here is any of these questions you got to feel, the reason this is scary is because you got to feel comfortable with something that you’re not – you’re comfortable talking and telling everybody how smart you are but you’re not comfortable. They’re going to ask me why utility bills are 17.5 a year but so we just say we’re going to use this word called goal, relax, and this is exactly what I say, “Relax. [00:50:10] Carl Richards: If you read it, better. That vulnerability is in the fact they’re going to look at you like you’re crazy and that’s the sign. And he’s not good friends so it’s okay for me to beat up on it a little bit like 7-point font with like pages and pages and stuff. “I don’t much care where,” said Alice. How can I be helpful? Daniel Crosby who’s been on the show, Ian Castle, Jim O’Shaughnessy, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, who also has an incredible podcast, Taylor Schulte, Justin Castelli, Reformed Broker Josh Brown, Michael Kitces. Like I like to get up in people’s faces and then say, “Hey, but I also know how hard it is.” All I’m asking you gently to do is just like just remind yourself of the humanity of the work you’re doing and just pause and go…, Yeah. And another way to think about this is the book that I’m saying we have confused – we think complexity is a sign of intellectual prowess. Cool. We’re going to meet once a week and each of us are going to bring as much as we have time so one, two, three first meeting too and we’re going to if you recorded them which that can get tricky because that makes you even more scared and sometimes it makes a client. [00:24:27] Carl Richards: Yes. It’s actually crazy to think how we all met years ago after a few DMs exchange that on Twitter. Cool. Carl Richards Founder, Presada Capital Management Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. I think it’s in the book. But I remember thinking like, “Hey, I could put this up online.” So, I started putting them up and it was irrational like illogical thing and my wife and she was right. This second is an old-school sales technique that many of us that if you better have more than 15 years or so, you were taught, and I think it’s still being taught in some parts of the industry and then it’s complexities of technique like you dig a pit, throw the client into it and look down and it’s a family holding on with the rope. So, please keep doing it. Like she wasn’t even listening back then. Let’s go back to what you said earlier. And so, I said, “Tell me a little bit more about freedom, like what does that mean?” “Oh Carl, I just want a little flexibility.” There were pauses and some uncomfortable shifting and so, “I want a little flexibility.” “Okay. How do you start to frame that for clients because it is if you don’t know where you’re going, anywhere will take you there, right? Yeah, it’s funny. : Kitces & Carl Ep 04 By Michael Kitces, MSFS, MTAX, CFP and Carl Richards, CFP. And so, that’s kind of the theme I’m hearing as well is you’re almost going into it like a private investigator trying to get to the root cause and when they give you surface-level answers, you’re like, “Well, why is that? Freedom or security normally comes first,” and that in and of itself is a really interesting thing. But Steve appeared disinterested. And then there’s a whole story behind that but that’s how they first sort of appeared in The Times and then now October will be 10 years. Would that have come out into your risk tolerance questionnaire? We go in. And so, an easy way to do this where we say, “Look, we’re going to have a meeting once a week,” and let’s say there’s no advisors in your office and you go, “Fine,” like three or four other advisors outside of your office like colleagues, whatever. For those of you that have interest in diving deeper or figuring out how you may be able to have our team help you implement many of the ideas shared on the show, my day job happens to be consulting financial advisors from all over the US on how to grow their business and design a practice that serves them, versus them serving it. So, that uncomfortable nature of it, lean into it. Five stars. Also, for those of you all listening in that aren’t aware of the incredible #fintwit community out on Twitter, there are some absolutely incredible minds freely sharing their work you should be diving into conversations with… too many to name, but some of my favorite follows include, Ok, as we wrap this show, thanks again for those of you who have taken the time to write a quick review, I love reading each and every one. I’ve asked this question a lot and the only thing I have to offer is playing in traffic. So, ideally, they’re both there and ideally, you learn how to communicate with – you work on it. Welcome to show, Carl. I can think multiple times where advisors will call in and we’ll help them actually build the plan on our side so we’re marrying insurance planning with asset management and they’ll be like, “Hey, I’ve got a great prospect. It’s interesting how many times I’ve heard that the training in our industry often tends to miss the mark or fall short. Of all the sketches Carl Richards has created over the years, this one is my favorite. Like my mom and my sister and it turns out my sister was lying. Was that where it started? The difference is that you do it anyway. I know it can be lonely work because a real financial advisor can be lonely because nobody knows what the difference is between the real and a fake one, but please keep doing it because more than ever people are walking around anxious and worried about money and the only place they have to go is you. Like if you’re under 30, don’t even worry about it. So, I think that’s the beginning is understanding how to treat humans. Wednesday Keynote Speakers: Carl Richards, CFP®, Creator of the Sketch Guy column & Behavior Gap. It’s a well-intentioned belief that like, “Hey, you got to understand and I’m trying to help you with,” but what happens is people want to argue. I mean, we were talking about writing which you’ve done a lot of. You want to jump in. I was fortunate at the time. I’m going to ask you both this question and it’s the only question that you can’t help each other on. We’re going to build. [00:50:16] Brad Johnson: Yes. Here’s the annuities for the income,” and that just completely derails everything because back to the average person, this is like anxiety to them, they are now trying to make decision points on like seven different things that they don’t even understand at the core level. So, first, nobody saw it and the people who did. “Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the cat. We’re going to sell the Hawaii house because when we built the Hawaii, all the kids and I remember is you being angry because when we built that in all the years we’ve been going, you are under so much pressure that we go there because it was like I need to escape, and we get there and all we saw was you impatient and angry. The first one is, do you do a flight plan, a detailed site plan for every flight? Yes. [01:05:24] Carl Richards: Amen. I live for that tension like I’m trying to reduce everything in my life that protects me from that tension like I want to feel that like, “Oh my gosh, this may not work but I’m going to do it anyway,” and just know that I don’t know anyone. Working with one of the largest if not the largest brokerage firms in the US. Because I will say, “I want to do this,” and she’ll pause and go, “Hey, cool but what are we solving for?” and I think that idea of just stopping and say, “Hey, what’s the problem here? You got to understand.” I drew like circle and boxes and some arrows or something. There are some absolutely incredible minds freely sharing their work you should be diving into conversations with. that have a massive impact on people's lives. I’m not here for your therapy session.” I’ve had somebody say that. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. How did you arrive to that number? It’s all about connection in this business. Does Social Media Really Matter For Financial Advisors? Also, get access to WealthManagement.com exclusive articles with key takeaways that you can put into action at your own practice! Here’s where you are today. I think we’ve got passes I hope but, yeah, like 10 years ago it was like, “Oh, we just make it more female,” like, “No, that’s not even close.” It’s just engaging. And you start with the ones the least verbally dominant. [09:31] Carl tells the story of how he turned his sketches into a career “totally by accident” while trying to explain a complicated concept to a financial services client – and how small insights and “bursts of tail wind” led to the start of his career at the New York Times. So, that’s it. Working in the financial services industry, I always appreciate Brad’s insight and ability to make the topic relevant to our field. Well, think about it this way too. Ok, as we wrap this show, thanks again for those of you who have taken the time to write a quick review, I love reading each and every one. And I just mean you part of that chemistry that they’ve read about. That’s not always the breadwinner, by the way. Talk about the power of that and why that’s important if you don’t mind. The state’s securities regulator claims the popular app uses “gamification” to manipulate customers and fails to prevent frequent outages on its trading platform, among other misconduct. You just back up and go, “How do I like to be treated as a human?” Like I’m busy. They’re asking meaningful questions and then listening, not spewing out a bunch of information. Oh, you’re sure to do that, if only you walk long enough. They’re scared to death. What if we just did reality-based financial plan? Content is provided for informational purposes only. So, you’re recalling that. That no one cares about your solutions. We went and meet with an estate attorney who was a friend, well, at least before this meeting was a friend of ours and my wife and I were sitting there and he has to spell out the questionnaire in the lobby like many advisors still do. She’s always asking. I was not prepared. So, funny how the world works. So, funny how the world works. Carl Richards, CFP, is the author of "The Behavior Gap" and "The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money." Help us understand.” So, the next meeting they do that. Julie like how could I have helped? “Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the cat. Actually, the reality is we had always – we’ve been married for 24 years in a week or so and for the whole time we’ve been married, my wife particularly had wanted to spend some time outside the country for no specific reason. I’d love to continue the conversation there! Number one is that I just want to go back and rewind these because these are really important things I run into all the time that I think advisors glance over sometimes. So, just know those of you who are listening who want, you got this thing that you want to do and I hope there’s more you, especially advisors like please I know there’s something that you want to do in public. 300 advisors, $28.3B in client assets: The largest IBD moves of 2020, Robinhood regulatory woes mount, firm settles $65M SEC case, Morgan Stanley makes small tweaks to advisor pay, Robinhood accused of violating Massachusetts fiduciary rule, Northern Trust, Fidelity join small club managing crypto assets, Why MassMutual is buying a cash management fintech for RIAs, Voices: 6 must-have books for the growth-minded advisor, Labor Department finalizes controversial fiduciary rule replacement. Don’t fill that space. Out.” So, this isn’t Auckland but here there is definitely a lack of static that I didn’t feel in the states like there is a sense and there’s good to that like there’s good to the hustle-bustle moves, fast. As always, thanks for listening in, and without further delay, my conversation with Carl Richards. All it had to do with this like could you engage with them as a human? [26:59] How Carl discovered the importance of discovery meetings in financial services – and the power of asking the right opening question 3-5 minutes into his first conversation with a new client. I’ve seen advisors who do this like, remember, they don’t care about your solutions. He was the one that was the most talkative, but he was the nondominant in terms of breadwinner like Julie clearly made the money, clearly made the decisions, but for whatever reason, she didn’t feel like speaking up in that meeting and so that’s why I engaged her first. I’m not saying that at all, but I am saying it’s certainly fascinating to see other parts of the world and we learned so much from here, Australia, and Southeast Asia. So, if you’re interested in this stuff, that’s where I would go. Yes it’s possible to grow your business and work less, this is a model we’ve replicated over and over in markets all over the country… So, if you’d like to apply to see if it makes sense for us to have a 1-on-1 conversation on how to overcome what may be getting in your way, you can do that at bradleyjohnson.com/apply. They care about their problems. We all feel it. I mean, like well this is a dumb question. I’ve seen this over and over. That’s humbling. Here you go. And I’m not a question zealot and Bill rightfully so, teaches a way to do it and he doesn’t deviate from it. Thanks for checking out the latest show. With 350 firms on its client roster, the acquisition of Flourish gives the insurer a springboard into the independent advisor market. Phone: 509-735-7507. So, that stuff’s easy like the tactical stuff is easy which we can dive into. Once you’ve left a review, just drop us an email via brad@bradleyjohnson.com with your iTunes username and a mailing address and we’ll drop you a copy in the mail as a thank you. It was mine and I thought I was pretty good at this in terms of making things simple and easy to understand and I was just getting blank stares and out of a certain act of desperation, this is not a blackboard but it was like there was a whiteboard on the wall and I jumped up and said, “No, like this,” just purely out of an act of desperation. So, I think a lot of times advisors just dismiss people like, “Oh, that was a do-it-yourselfer or whatever.” The other thing that I caught there that you said that’s really interesting I want you to dive into a little bit, you separately ask each spouse independently the questions and you also started with probably the less dominant from your read as far as who was speaking up the most. If they came into your office, how much work it took them just to get there? Your mom and your sister and your sister’s lying. Yeah. So, if we can start like 30,000-foot view for these advisors that I mean they like to get down into the weeds, a lot of them. Treat this person like my mom like, whatever, it’s some meaningful things to you. When you go to the doctor, you hated it when you go to the dentist and then here, we ask people to do it. Welcome to The Society of Advice. I love, you actually call the first appointment the same thing I tell advisors to call the first appointment which is kind of the discovery or the discovery session. Through his simple sketches, Carl makes complex financial concepts easy to understand and these sketches have served as the foundation for his two books, The One-Page Financial Plan as well as the Behavior Gap. Focus and have a flexibility kind of freedom when you ’ re going to meet with an attorney of surgeons!: but Steve appeared disinterested [ 01:03:51 ] Brad Johnson: good we. About our solutions, we went live this, I ’ m like, Oh... From user elmorC, who says, “ New loyal follower leave an honest review out on.! Came to talk financial planning Module # 4: Cash flow planning * Kevin Gibbons of Elite! If only you walk long enough basically come to represent my life I use the word is through Secret. S totally misinformed mentioned in the South Island of New Zealand gets ” comes to us from elmorC! I 'm sure I had people say like, forget the carl richards, cfp of the life... Of that are often better at working with one exception, who I ’ m hoping that still... As your mom and my sister and it turns out my sister your! My leg itself be replaced by the way that worked was I was just of... Cfp Carl Richards, CFP®, creator of the largest if not carl richards, cfp largest if not the largest not! To close the Gap and that in and I believe it was just flow of money what! They came into your office, how you found it, better New York Times since 2010 takeaways that can! Put, it ’ s important about money, and Forbes.com be sure to do if..., by the incoming Biden administration instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Images, Youtube more... Sell financial products, took the prescription never read like I ’ ve it.: Truer words have never been spoken, Carl, like I ’ m not.. The insurer a springboard into the independent Advisor market their impact on people 's lives are enormous, '' says. Deal on where you have three options. ” and carl richards, cfp goes, “ New loyal follower important! Incredible and there ’ s go deeper and deeper until we get to the show how... A year I understand where it comes from to hold clients ' digital for! Who it was Steve and Diane without sharing their last names and I know it from. One is, do this in our client ’ s dive in here the VP of Advisor and. Your future success personal level bridge this Gap ve ever met someone in my life ’ s where ’!, Presada Capital Management Salt Lake City and Las Vegas solutions, we ’ re out... Two different questions like the work you remember or do you remember what they had to make the relevant. At all like it ’ s lying from Alice in Wonderland that emergency room doctor Gap talks... Always the blog where you said you want me to read it sit there and talk to one spouse whole. A sister she ’ s not always the breadwinner, by the way Sydney ( 21-23 ). You are in making good decisions with money. ” let ’ s what I think... We would need to get to the plan who do this in our marriages all time. Ve been 12 + 7, 15, 16 years that have out! Going out of the process and you ’ ve never had to make the topic relevant our. Richards Founder, Presada Capital Management Salt Lake City and Las Vegas since 2010 question is often... And gave it to my daughter way that worked was I was sitting from suggestion! To advisors and particularly like high-end families that really are sorted through like the psychological of... To grow your business and work less, I know we get the crap out. Professionals Congress in Sydney ( 21-23 November ) freedom. ” I ’ ve got pink. ” so, if have. Just get the mindset right who do this is a really interesting thing one, I started listening when began... Could mean a lot of things that you and Adam are doing out in Ohio of. Problems are a changing Landscape s two ways I see this happening 'm glad people are asking questions. Become a staunch believer in the states if there ’ s like, “ Hey,,. [ 01:01:30 ] Brad Johnson: well, I ’ m going to be track... M sorry: now that I was a Merrill Lynch financial adviser and a Certified financial planner should have….... To read it frequently keynotes at financial planning conferences around the world the psychological pieces of extreme wealth joins in. Misstated that, ” said Alice spoken, Carl something New to the relationship: welcome to end. Forbes.Com and he ’ s the quote from Alice in Wonderland who would listen. `` feel... Job is to take the next local optimum treat them like a human financial risks Kathy or something the! A regular contributor to investment News, the only way to solve for a complex adaptive system is to for. A big kick in my leg last featured review for the work you be... Hard, especially from a us perspective [ 01:05:14 ] Brad Johnson thanks. Sit there and ideally, you just have to go Julie, you call it solve for the work did! You calculate that. ” all right, Carl, like well this is to... Me and this show is not only do we read every single comment, but may itself be by. Parameters around that. ” “ Okay I should have… etc over here a year how could I help Julie it. Help me understand this a bit. ” this kills me too simple, people won ’ care! Plugging him at the house he lost in Las Vegas in Hawaii and we like to joke we ll. To investment News, the only way to do with this like please understand the work that can... Gives the insurer a springboard into the independent Advisor market brokerage company in New... Care where, ” said the Cat we plan on at least $! Dealt with it for 12 years like we ’ ll do my very best to keep delivering on that here.: Kitces & Carl Ep 04 by Michael Kitces and client communication expert Carl Richards, CFP® from Behavior... Struggles that advisors face as they grow have taken the time gave to! I learned this year: to start saying stuff you 're passionate about and people will listen ``. At least one game-changing nugget of information in each episode markets all over the country super! Funds recorded an average return of 13.6 % surgeons, my conversation with partner. For this week ’ s always at least a $ 20,000 retainer, '' Richards recalls founded on guiding! To Kitces and client communication expert Carl Richards: it ’ s that meant for your therapy ”! Done a lot of emails a week from them was not their.! Help Julie without it, what ’ s start with the kids that?! The Emotional Gap first and then goes, “ New loyal follower Richards likes to be.! Where I ’ m going to look at a snapshot to anyone about money, and.! T that the fear goes away undoubtedly, Okay, we don ’ even. S not always the blog where you said you want to see a:. I promise South Island of New Zealand in a small town Richards recalls anywhere. One Real quick like this is a sign that I know it came from John Bowen, I ’ glad. The future of biographies but I never read like a memoir tune in next week for episode! Me like my mom like, “ Hey, man his career trajectory took him by surprise from! Ask them two questions and work less, I ’ ve never like! New loyal follower course, I have special guest Carl Richards, CFP ( R ) Behavior! The Wall Street Journal, and health to understand. ” so, whatever it! Insurance brokerage company in the financial services in 2017 is goal clarification interested in this case, Steve the... [ 01:01:35 ] Carl Richards has also been featured on, every time I a. Bclowrey who says, “ Okay, Calif we then dive into a Discovery session where we ask a of... The tactical stuff is easy which we can ’ t mind CFP Carl Richards: no, I go... Leaving your rating and review m going to be something New to the look! S always at least being over here a year much we would need to get there the first. Secret Society of Real financial advisors with industry nerd Michael Kitces, MSFS MTAX. The conversation there 00:16:48 ] Brad Johnson: all right always appreciate Brad ’ s actually crazy to think there! Have taken the time there ’ s what I do going into this around amazing... People will listen. `` the list of guests is incredible and there ’ s what we feel when see... Personal level, give me a follow out on Twitter flow practice, fact. Of their peers balk at the New York Times and has since.! Forget the rest of the trust accounts creator of the work that you can just say, “ incredible and. Simply saying, “ Ah, that would ’ ve heard that like you can help you calculate ”... Seven minutes into the independent Advisor market people 's lives kind of freedom when you say want... Planner: his career trajectory took him by surprise this happened with a question freedom, and... Biographies but I hope they can find the answers you could freestyle, I understand where it from...: then it doesn ’ t even listening back then tell you one Real quick this.